Evening ~ Day 1

Well today was hot. I mean, I was expecting hot, but this was HOT hot!

The main issue was fluids, I carry a 1.5 litre water pouch with a handy drinking tube, this allows drinking little and often without even pausing. Having to stop twice to refill takes quite a while with my mini water filter pump.

It can be tricky balancing need for water with weight. A litre of water weights a kilo, and in a pack of 20kg or so, every bit you can save is worth it and I find 1.5 litres and my water filter gets me from stream to stream.

We ostomates don’t absorb nutrients particularly well, and too much water can actually make the issue worse where we are not getting the electrolytes. The other problem is that lots of water gives us really watery output in our bag, not very comfortable when out walking.

I carried some electrolyte tablets, you can also get it as powder, 4 of those drinks a day alongside water helped a lot. You can get various gelling agents that you use in your bag, I tried a couple and didn’t get on with them, but I got samples of Trio Ostomy pearls, and they work a treat, makes it a lot more comfortable.

Anyway, I got what I needed, and I have an extra fold up water carrier for overnight too, it has a tap and hangs so it’s a really useful bit of kit, and it rolls up to very small and weighs next to nothing.

I set off carrying 5 days worth of food. Nothing fancy, boil in the bag hiking meals, dry noodles, a tin of ham and another of tuna and some dry pasta packets. I will be burning about 6000 calories a day, each evening camping meal is almost 3000, and snacks and noodles/pasta make up the rest for lunch.

Important things for both hiking and folk with a stoma, nutrition and hydration are the top two for both. Often what is easy to carry and cook is not great for a stoma, but fresh is wildly impractical for 5 days!

So I drink water and eat as best I can, the camping meals I have are really tasty, although by the time evening meals comes around, I’m so hungry I would eat it anyway! Plus, should anything happen to my stove, they can be eaten cold.

So, having cooked myself to medium well today, I’m going to get an early night, and an early start to get some miles in before it gets too hot, then take a long lunch, and more miles in the afternoon.

I had been worried about how my stoma appliance would fare with the heat, and the extra problem of the hip strap on my rucksack sits right above my bag.

As it turned out it did really well. I use a 2 piece bag system so that I can get rid of gas easily, and I use some silicon flange extenders from Trio Ostomy Care. I find the silicon doesn’t peel away so easily from sweating. I also found that they stopped and rubbing from the hip strap on the flange.

So fed and watered, it’s bed time! And no midgies which feels like a miracle!

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