Evening ~ Day 2

Well today was a rocky start… As I was leaving the forest I had camped in, I saw a curly stick in the track and went to turn it with my walking pole only to realise it was a small dark snake. Anyone that knows me will know how I would feel about this. The one animal I am afraid of is snakes, and so the track was effectively closed for 10 minutes while I stayed back and let it cross.

Lucky I have a stoma bag, or I might have needed new boxer shorts! I covered the last mile or so through the forest in double quick time!

I then came to a pint where you bear right to go up a track winding up a huge hill, or left and down a mild slope to the bank of the Loch. I had decided last night I would take the low road to the bank, I forgot however to alter my route on the map. So up the hill I went after realising a mile and a half too late!

The rest of the day was hard work, very hot again and getting a bit more hilly. It was a nice day though, and the last part of the day walking alongside the Loch was beautiful.

Helped a young couple at a cross roads who had forgotten their way, top tip, even if it’s a short walk you’re taking, bring a map or it can turn into a much longer walk than planned!

Once I had made camp and dipped my legs into the Loch I checked my stoma and was surprised how well it was all holding up. I don’t often hike in that kind of heat, but even the Trio flange extenders were holding on! The sensura mia pouch system I use is really thin and flexible, and sticks well, but I think it will need changed soon.

Tomorrow is forecast to be a cooler day, which will be nice. Hopefully it’ll be dry still, but there is some rain forecast in the afternoon, better keep my waterproofs handy! I start heading into the Highlands tomorrow.

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