Evening ~ Day 3

There was a misting of very light for a while late morning, and approaching lunch time I slipped on a large tree root that formed a step in the track, I came down really hard on my shoulder jarring it, so lunchtime came early, as did the midgies!

The afternoon was interesting, some of the historical points and so on getting increasingly drizzly with rain but nothing a waterproof jacket couldn’t solve!

Camp was made a bit earlier than planned to let my shoulder rest a bit, halfway through pitching my tent chaos broke:

It’s really noisy here! I’m hiding underneath my tarpaulin, which attaches to my tent. It is absolutely belting it down with hail stones – I’m not even kidding. Even I was not expecting hail stones at this time of year, even for Scotland. Actual hail stones. I did not come equipped for this – so, I am going to hunker down, keep dry – or try and get dry in the first place – and get some tea and coffee on, because I’m hungry, and I’m thirsty, and I’m cold! As much as it has been a gorgeous, gorgeous day today, the hail stones are now running underneath this tarpaulin…

After the hail storm, the midgies stayed for dinner time, sadly I was their dinner and shortly after eating
I have up and hid in my insect netted tent! Time to call that a day!

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